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My name is Anna Winkler and I live just north of Stockholm in Vallentuna. I currently run a pet store in the center of Stockholm and I hold a masters degree in Biology aswell as an education in animal caretaking. I also breed Burmese and Sphynx cats since 2002. My first family dog was an Irish Setter and with him I got to explore the world of dogs. I started showing him and really got to enjoy it even though he wasn't really of championship quality. We also took some courses in agility and obedience and had lots of fun together. With my awoken interest in dogs I went to England and worked in an Irish Setter kennel for two summers in my teens, that was a wonderful experience and I gained alot of knowledge.
Back home I became a ring steward and have been so since 1999. I got my first own dog that year too, my beloved Great Dane Honey. That was not planned since I was her dog walker when I studied but we fell in love with eachother and things worked out for the best. I got involved in the breed and became a board member of the Swedish Great Dane Club Mid Section and of their show committee. I also had a mixed breed dog with my former husband and she is living with him these days. So when it finally became time to get my first own puppy I had been thinking about breeds a long time. During the years I had gotten to see alot of breeds and I wanted to choose the perfect one for me, even though I have loved all my dogs and appreciate alot of their breed qualities I have felt it not ideal for me. But when it came to it, it was an easy choice. Saluki is in my eyes the perfect breed, sound and balanced, lovely temperament and beautful beyond comparison. So finally in 2004 I got a puppy to fulfil my dreams of breeding that awoke early 90's outside Leicester.